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Cycling Training Camp in Mallorca – SportActive

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This cycling training camp is perfect for all ages, men and women, who want to improve their cycling skills and fitness on the beautiful island of Mallorca. Age is no barrier to cycling, as we have riders in their 70s scaling the mountains of the Tour de France.
Over the last few years more women have taken up cycling, and we have found they do learn faster as they are better at listening to advice. Man, woman, young or not so young, complete the Ask for Availability form and get on that saddle.

Activity Level

Providing you have the right mindset and can cycle a few miles you should be fine on this holiday. Once you hear the chain ring and smell the sea air of this beautiful Mediterranean island, it will not be long before you take on cols you only dreamed about.
As with all, cycling mindset is everything and the only barrier.


Cycling Holiday style

The emphasis on this cycling holiday is training, and the relaxed atmosphere of Mallorca is the perfect place to do it. During your stay you will train and learn mastering techniques in the following:

  • Cornering
  • Braking
  • Gear use
  • Group riding skills
  • Hill climbing techniques
  • Bike safety and coordination

All these techniques combine to help you reach the next level in cycling, and in turn, help you get the most out of the sport.

You will be part of a Team

The group will progress together on the road like a professional squad, knowing the riding style of each other and knowing how to behave accordingly. This may sound difficult, but it is not! There are 4 to 5 groups of different abilities. Martin is very good at designing routes which will both strengthen you and give you a better knowledge of cycling. He ensures that the groups ride to their strengths, and that nobody gets left behind. It is fundamental you ride within your fitness and ability level in order to progress safely. Putting you under too much stress would be counterproductive.

We will make your week a positive experience.

Our objective is that you feel that you have achieved a new higher level in your cycling ability. At the end of the day providing you have the right mindset, you will succeed and gain confidence on this training camp.

Though the training sessions are important, you will still have plenty of time to get to know your fellow riders, and in our experience, this training camp will bring a sense of camaraderie. Previous guests have made lifelong friendships. This is reinforced as we do not take on other riders from outside the course. This is quite unique for a cycling holiday company.

Mallorca, a paradise for cyclists

Mallorca makes the best location for a cycling holiday. The roads are largely traffic free, and we ride in the most spectacular parts of the island. As you feel yourself becoming fitter, stronger, and a better cyclist, you will breathe the Mediterranean sea air, and feel the wind and sun on your face. The purr of the chain ring will fill your ears.

Relaxation after the active day

Wind down after your active day on the bike with a swim in one of the indoor or outdoor pools followed by a Sports Massage. José, our professional in-house masseur will take care of your leg, shoulder and back muscles with an invigorating and relaxing massage.

SportActive Bike Garage and bike hire

SportActive Bike Garage at the Hotel, exclusive for SportActive Members: with bike mechanic and shop; sale of bike accessories, energy drinks & bars, full range of SportActive cycling kit, selection of cycling clothing.

Bike Hire: we recommend you hire your bike with SportActive in Mallorca. We have a selection of top quality bikes, alloy frame carbon forks and full carbon bikes for hire, and for beginner cyclists, bikes with straight handle bars, as opposed to the drop down bars of the racing bikes.

This not only saves you bringing your own bike, but our bike mechanic will ensure your bike is serviced and in tip-top condition before you explore this exciting island.

Cycling Legend Sean Kelly will be joining us

Sean Kelly will be joining SportActive on selected cycling weeks. (almost all month of April and 2 weeks in October, exact date to be confirmed). This will be your chance to ride alongside the Legend. Sean will ride with all groups and will be staying at the SportActive Cycling Centre hotel with our clients and will be on hand during the week to chat about his experience at the top level of international cycling.




Cycling Training Camp in Mallorca – SportActive
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Cycling Training Camp in Mallorca – SportActive
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Cycling Training Camp in Mallorca – SportActive
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Cycling Training Camp in Mallorca – SportActive

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    Cycling Training Camp in Mallorca – SportActive