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Villages Historiques – A2Z Adventures

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Day 1 Lisbon | Castelo Novo
Arrival at Lisbon airport, transfer to Castelo Novo by a member of A2Z Adventures team. Installation at the hotel and time spent preparing your bike for the days to come.
Accommodation facilities:  Casa Petrus Guterri

Day 2 Castelo Novo | Idanha-a-Velha | Monsanto (64 km | Ascent: 932 m)
Breakfast at the hotel. Start pedaling for the first day which will connect the village of Castelo Novo Idanha-a-Velha and in the afternoon will take you to Monsanto. This stage is relatively flat, without much difficulty, and is characterized by the presence of shale and granite on the road and landscape. The Roman road is the exception to this course (long version) with a climb just before arriving at Monsanto. In Idanha-a-Velha, a village of Roman origin, the passage through the shaft to press is captive. The Romans used for the production of olive oil. . Arrival at Monsanto in the late afternoon to your hotel shortened version: 44 km / 27 mi | Climb: 382 m Accommodation Comfort:  Casa do Chafariz

Day 3 Monsanto | Sortelha (75 km / 46 mi | Ascent 1514 m)
Breakfast at the hotel. The second day will introduce you to two new and magnificent Historical Villages: Monsanto and Sortelha. Monsanto was previously considered the “most Portuguese village of Portugal”. It sits on top of an impressive formation of granite and offers wonderful views. This village is characterized by its narrow streets and its beautiful castle on top of a rock formation. The village of Sortelha also reserve you beautiful surprises, such as the castle, the magnificent pillory and the church.Regarding the course, it is quite easy and has no major climbs. Part of the route is in full nature reserve “Serra da Malcata”. In the end day facility at the hotel. Short version: 52 km / 32 mi | Climb:  782 m Accommodation Comfort:  Casas do Campanário

Day 4 Sortelha | Castelo Mendo | Almeida (98 km / 60 mi | Climb:  1560m)
Breakfast at the hotel. This day is characterized para diversification soil – stony, Roman roads and waterways. This step between Sortelha and Almeida offers some climbs a bit more demanding. Just before arriving in Almeida you cross the river Coa riding a Roman bridge. The star fort marks the landscape of the village of Almeida is one of the greatest exponents of military architecture in Portugal. In the end day facility at the hotel. Short version:  43 km / 27 mi | Climb:  424 m  Accommodation Comfort:  Hotels Fortaleza de Almeida

Day 5 Almeida | Castelo Rodrigo | Marialva (72 km / 44 mi | Ascent:  966 m)
Breakfast at the hotel. Today pèlerinez you in the Natural Park of Douro International. The route between Almeida and the charming village of Castelo Rodrigo is easy without a lot of sloping. Some of its paths are those of the pilgrimage of St. Jacques de Compostela. Castelo Rodrigo was, in time, very important as regards the defense of the country against attacks by Castilian troops. This route that connects Castelo Rodrigo Almeida in begins para a beautiful descent to the river Coa … followed para few climbs greater. Marialva Castle ruins in well worth a visit. In the end day facility at the hotel. Short version:  38 km / 24 mi | Climb:  326 m Accommodation Comfort:  Calcaterra Agroturismo

Day 6 Marialva | Linhares da Beira (72 km / 44 mi | Ascent:  1459 m)
Breakfast at the hotel. Today’s route takes you to Linhares da Beira, the Portuguese capital of paragliding which is located in the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela. Here is a cold region and fanned the simple and hospitable people. A course with some rocky areas and on another floor. In the end day facility at the hotel. Short version:  39 km / 24 mi | Climb:  676 m Accommodation Comfort:  Estalagem in Inatel Linhares da Beira

Day 7 Linhares da Beira | Piódão (80 km / 49 mi | Ascent:  3407 m)
Breakfast at the hotel. Here is one of the biggest challenges of Historic Villages. This step is very difficult climbs and having very decent accentuated due to the geographical context of the village of Piódão which is surrounded by three mountains: Serra do Açor, Lousã and Serra da Estrela. Shale covers the ground paths and trails by which you pedal, making sure that this step is even more demanding. However, the final destination is well worth it and the houses in shale await you and prevail through this unique landscape. In the end day facility at the hotel. Short version:  33 km / 20 mi | Ascent:  1285 m / 4216 ft Accommodation Comfort:  Estalagem Inatel in Piódão

Day 8 Piódão | Castelo Novo (87 km / 54 mi | Ascent:  3277 m)
Breakfast at the hotel. This step back in Castelo Novo is extremely physically demanding due to altimetry and its accentuated variables, the distances and the many stones along the way. In short, one more day of pure mountain biking. In the end day facility at the hotel. Short version: 22 km / 14 mi | Climb:  510 m  Accommodation Comfort:  Casa Petrus Guterri

Day 9 Castelo Novo | Lisbon
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer from the hotel to the airport of Lisbon. End of services.




Villages Historiques – A2Z Adventures
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Villages Historiques – A2Z Adventures
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Villages Historiques – A2Z Adventures
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Villages Historiques – A2Z Adventures

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    Villages Historiques – A2Z Adventures